Based on the concept of Resort Island Dining,
Chef Hiroyuki Meno draws inspiration from resort style
dining combines it with French techniques.
Located nearby the famous Jimbaran beach, Noosa also
offers fascinating menu with the use of fresh and seasonal
seafood to create flavors that do not disappoint.

Restaurant Fact

We have main hall that holds up to 50 seats (Add up to70 seats in total) and 2 private room that holds 20 seats each. Noosa also have beautiful garden space dining with 20 seating capacity, and cozy rooftop bar loungespace that opens for any kind of events.


Hiroyuki Meno Introduction
Meno is regarded as one of Japan’s most acclaimed French chef.
His cutting-edge cuisine brings an unexpected gastronomic flair.
His special talent of personalizing food, orchestrating flavors,
and pairing and combining a variety of textures brings
an unsurpassed gourmet experience to the table,
results in a mouth-watering French-Asian union.

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Jl.Toya Ning No.22 ,Kedonganan
Jimbaran – Bali – Indonesia.

Open 18:00~23:00